Scholarly Activities Celebration

SUNY Canton is pleased to be once again holding our annual Scholarly Activities Celebration! This year, the Celebration will take place on April 18 and April 20 and will be hybrid with live presentations.

Program Outline and Presentation Schedule

Scholarly Activities Celebration LogoThis year we will be offering cash prizes to those who have the top presentations in each category. The prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: $200
  • Second Prize: $150
  • Third Prize: $100

April 18

  1. Research Poster and Artwork Presentations in the Learning Commons from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
    • Join us virtually on Teams to ask questions about the posters, which are found on the Scholarly Activities website, or on the second floor of the Learning Commons. Food and drinks will be provided during the event. Elevator access is also available to reach the second floor.
  2. 10-minute Live Presentation with Q&A starting at 3:00 PM in NS 125
    • Join us virtually on Teams to watch the presentations live or stop by Nevaldine South 125 to watch the presentations in person.

April 20

Scholarly Activities’ Variety Show-Open Mic Night will be held in Cyber Café in the Learning Commons from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

  • Performances include visual art, poetry, music, dance, or any other creative talent you would like to showcase. Performances will be held at the Cyber Café in the Learning Commons.
  • Join us virtually through Teams to watch the performances live or stop by the Cyber Café to watch in person. The Cyber Café will be open late for the performances.

2023 Student Presentations

ROO-Bot: An Interactive Tour Robot

View ROO-Bot: Interactive Tour Robot

RC Snow Blower

View RC Snow Blower

3D Printer to Desktop CNC Conversion

View 3D Printer to Desktop CNC Conversion 

The Bhopal Gas Disaster

View the Bhopal Gas Disaster

Seveso, Italy Dioxin Disaster

View Seviso, Italy Dioxin Disaster

Baia Mare, Romania Cyanide Spill

View Romania Cyanide Spill

Gold King Mine, Colorado

View Gold King Mine, Colorado

Solar Tree House

View Solar Tree House

Black Lake Nutrient Loading

View Black Lake Nutrient Loading

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

View Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Changes in Indoor Domestic Cat Activity in the Presence and Absence of Artificial Light

View Changes in Indoor Cat Activity

The Love Canal Disaster

View the Love Canal Disaster

Moving Target System

View Moving Target System

Three Mile Island

View Three Mile Island

Building Information Modeling and Virtual Reality

View Building Information Modeling and VR

Exxon Oil Spill

View Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

American Trader Ship

View American Trader Oil Spill

Post-Pandemic Teaching Modalities and Student Outcomes: A Literature Review

View Post-Pandemic Teaching

Dimock, PA Fracking Disaster

View PA Fracking Disaster

Chernobyl - Lasting Environmental Issues from the Worst Nuclear Disaster

View Chernobyl Environmental Issues

Hoosick Falls Contamination

View Hoosick Falls Contamination

Hinkley, CA and Pacific Gas Groundwater Contamination

View Hinkley Pacific Gas Contamination

Water Problem in Flint, MI

View Flint, MI Contamination

Personal Pokemon Card Creator

View Personal Pokemon Card Creator Presentation

Asphalt stress testing

View Assessing the Performance of Ultrafine Asphalt Presentation