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Criminal Justice - Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Canton will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Apply mathematical and analytical thinking skills necessary to process a crime scene.
  • Apply the use of scientific method to analyze and compare physical evidence to determine its properties and possible origin.
  • Provide detailed analyses of the criminal justice system and process including penal laws, criminal procedure and policies services involved in processing offenders.
  • Identify, analyze, compare, and contrast the philosophy, functions, and roles of institutional incarceration and community based corrections.
  • Identify, analyze, compare, and contrast the philosophy, function, and roles of law enforcement in American society.
  • Demonstrate awareness by analyzing, comparing, and contrasting the distinctions between individual psychological behaviors and group sociological behaviors.

Criminal Justice - A.A.S.
Kelly Peterson
Assistant Professor