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Forensic Criminology - Student Learning Outcomes

The following nine key learning statements represent the intended learning outcomes for the BS in Forensic Criminology program:

PLO 1 – Apply standards of academic and professional discourse while speaking and writing.

PLO 2 – Analyze and evaluate theory and practice in criminological/criminal justice contexts.

PLO 3 – Propose reform or new models of practice in criminal justice contexts.

PLO 4 – Demonstrate fluency in locating, evaluating, and using criminological research, evidence, and data.

PLO 5 – Recognize and interpret graphical and tabular data sets.

PLO 6 – Apply standards of ethical behavior in evidence-based practice in criminal justice contexts.

PLO 7 - Identify the social and cultural influences that impact practice and policy in criminal justice contexts.

PLO 8 – Develop a comprehensive change-management plan for a criminal justice system problem.

PLO 9 – Apply science to questions of law.

Forensic Criminology
Kelly Peterson
Assistant Professor