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Mechanical Engineering Technology - A.A.S.

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) work in a wide range of industries with a broad array of career opportunities. From manufacturing and construction to equipment testing and power generation, employment opportunities exist in production, product/system testing, quality improvement, and technical services support. The MET program is appropriate for individuals who like hands-on experience, enjoy technology, and want to use their heads. Math ability is important and students will center much of their effort on experimentation and problem solving.

A student works in the mechanical lab

We strive to provide an educational environment that encourages your intellectual, personal, and professional growth. This program allows you to heighten your understanding of the world and yourself while developing the skills and vision needed to build a full rich life that will make a difference in the world.

Our students suggest the following list of supplies that you may need while at Canton.

Students in this Major:

  • Learn about technologies associated with manufacturing.
  • Receive a strong core preparation in science and mathematics to facilitate success in engineering technology.
  • Experience learning in an environment which closely models the workplace.
  • Have the flexibility to commence their career immediately upon graduation, or to continue with the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in any of several areas including Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems, Industrial Technology Management, or Facilities Operation.
  • Will apply the scientific and technical knowledge learned through their academic and hands-on experience at Canton combined with their own judgment to design, test, troubleshoot and improve machines, tooling, processes and information flow that serve the manufacturing industry.

Career Opportunities:

Typical job titles in which our graduates are employed are:

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Computer-Aided Drafting
  • Designer
  • Quality Management Technician
  • Lab Technician
  • Instructional Assistant
  • Field Service Technician
  • CNC operator/programmer
Placement Rates

Employment statistics are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016-2026 Occupational Outlook Handbook.


All graduates during the past five years have either started their careers or continued their education. Forty percent in industry, and sixty percent elected to continue their education with the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. Our Career Services Center can show you more information related to job placement.

Employers Of SUNY Canton Graduates:

  • Stature Electric, Inc.
  • Corning, Inc.
  • CIVES Steel Co.
  • IBM
  • Viking-Cives, USA
  • Schneider Packing
  • Acco Brands
  • Gleason Works
  • Bombardier, Inc.
  • Novelis
  • Young and Franklin, Inc.

Transfer Opportunities:

  • SUNY Canton (Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems, Industrial Technology Management, Mechanical Technology)
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • SUNY Alfred
  • SUNY Buffalo


Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET
415 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 347-7700

Admission Requirements:

Students who do not meet the recommended high school math prerequisites may be admitted; students may be admitted into Mechanical Engineering Technology upon completion of this prerequisite.


Semester I Credits

ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
ENGS 101 Introduction to Engineering 2
MATH 123 Pre-Calculus Algebra (GER 1) 4
MECH 121 Manufacturing Processes I 3
PHYS 121
PHYS 131
College Physics I (GER 2) OR
University Physics I (GER 2)
PHYS 125
PHYS 135
Physics Lab I (GER 2) OR
University Physics Lab I

Semester II Credits

CONS 172 Technical Statics 3
MATH 161 Calculus I (GER) 4
MECH 112 3D Modeling 3
PHYS 122
PHYS 132
College Physics II OR
University Physics
PHYS 126 Physics Lab II (GER 2) 1
  Program Elective1 3

Semester III Credits

CONS 272 Strength of Materials 3
ELEC 261 Electricity 4
MECH 241 Fluid Mechanics 3
MECH 242 Fluid Power Lab 1
  Social Science Elective (GER 3) 3
  Program Elective1 3

Semester IV Credits

ELEC 141 Industrial Controls 2
MECH 220 Engineering Materials2 3
MECH 232 Machine Design 3
  Program Elective1 3
  Humanities Elective (GER 7) 3

1 Program electives selected from ACHP, AREA, CITA, CONS, MATH, MECH, SOET designators.

2 Writing intensive course

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Mechanical Engineering Technology
Lucas Craig
Department Chair

Fall Enrollment Trends

  FT PT Total
2019 12 1 13
2018 13 1 14
2017 14 0 14
2016 15 0 15
2015 11 1 12

Graduation Rate Trends*

Cohort Entering Cohort Size %
Fall 2016 4 75%
Fall 2015 2 0%
Fall 2014 5 60%
Fall 2013 7 29%
Fall 2012 5 40%

*Graduate rates are based on first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen entering in fall and graduating within 150% of time.

Degrees Conferred

2018-19 8
2017-18 8
2016-17 6
2015-16 8
2014-15 13