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Mechanical Engineering Technology - Program Description

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) work in a wide range of industries with a broad array of career opportunities. From manufacturing (CNC Machinist) and construction to equipment testing and power generation, employment opportunities exist in CAD Design, product/system testing, quality improvement, and technical services support. The MET program is appro-priate for individuals who like hands-on experience, enjoy technology, and aspire to the challenge of experimentation and problem solving.

Students In This Major

  • Practice and demonstrate hands on manufacturing skills related to machining, design and drafting, fluid power, mechanical design and electricity.
  • Develop core skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to commence their career immediately upon graduation or to continue with the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree.
  • Apply computer skills to design, interpret and analyze data, solve problems and prepare reports/presentations for professional communications.
  • Apply the scientific and technical knowledge to design, test, troubleshoot and improve machines, tooling, processes and information flow that serve the manufacturing industry.

Admission Requirements:

  • Refer to the table of for admission.
  • Students must be qualified to enter Pre- Calculus Algebra (MATH 123)

Students who do not meet the recommended high school math prerequisites may be admitted; students may be admitted into Mechanical Engineering Technology upon completion of this prerequisite.


Semester I Credits

ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
ENGS 101 Introduction to Engineering 2
MATH 123 Pre-Calculus Algebra (GER 1) 4
MECH 121 Manufacturing Processes I 3
PHYS 121
PHYS 131
College Physics I (GER 2) OR
University Physics I (GER 2)
PHYS 125
PHYS 135
Physics Lab I (GER 2) OR
University Physics Lab I

Semester II Credits

CONS 172 Technical Statics 3
MATH 161 Calculus I (GER) 4
MECH 112 3D Modeling 3
PHYS 122
PHYS 132
College Physics II OR
University Physics
PHYS 126 Physics Lab II (GER 2) 1
  Program Elective1 3

Semester III Credits

CONS 272 Strength of Materials 3
ELEC 261 Electricity 4
MECH 241 Fluid Mechanics 3
MECH 242 Fluid Power Lab 1
  Social Science Elective (GER 3) 3
  Program Elective1 3

Semester IV Credits

ELEC 141 Industrial Controls 2
MECH 220 Engineering Materials2 3
MECH 232 Machine Design 3
  Program Elective1 3
  Humanities Elective (GER 7) 3

1 Program electives selected from ACHP, AREA, CITA, CONS, MATH, MECH, SOET designators.

2 Writing intensive course

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Lucas Craig
Department Chair