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Billing Instructions - Fall Semester


You may be subject to a $40 late fee and have your courses/room assignment dropped if your bill isn’t processed by the due date.

Start Here

  • Log in to your UCanWeb account. (For assistance logging into UcanWeb contact the Registrar’s Office at 315-386-7616 or through email at registrar@canton.edu)
  • Go to the 'Student Menu'
  • Authorized User Logins

A student may create an Authorized User PIN to allow parents, guardians and other authorized users to access his/her account information. This is separate from “share my access to UCANWEB”.

An Authorized User PIN must be created by the student before it can be used. The student can follow these steps to create an Authorized User PIN:

  1. Click on the ‘Your Account’ link located in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the ‘Add New’ link located in the box labeled Authorized User PINs.
  3. In the Authorized User PIN field, enter the Login Name you wish to assign to the Authorized User PIN user.
  4. Enter the Authorized user’s email address.
  5. Add an optional note to the welcome email that will be sent to the Authorized User.
  6. Select the Authorized User’s permission level.
  7. Click on the OK button.

A welcome email will be sent to the Authorized User’s email address. The email will contain the optional note, login information and temporary password. The URL for authorized users is https://commerce.cashnet.com/cantonpay?&LT=P:

Part 1: Complete the Billing Surveys

  1. You will be prompted to complete two required surveys for information at registration time prior to the bill being issued. See below for details.
    • Proceed to ‘Student Menu’, a prompt for Required Information Checklist
    • Complete the ‘Choose Bill Options & Confirm Enrollment’ survey
    • Return to Student Menu
    • Complete the ‘Authorize Use of Financial Aid’ survey

Part 2: Waive Insurance Opens: Monday, June 21

Before you can waive your health insurance, you must have your SUNY Canton email set up. A 6-digit verification code will be mailed to you that you will need to waive your insurance.

TO WAIVE MEDICAL INSURANCE – The medical insurance charge will only show if you indicated on your survey you are enrolling as a full-time student. Waiver period begins July 1st. Go to the Billing menu in UCANWEB and select ‘Complete Health Insurance Waiver’. You must complete all steps confirming you have the proper health insurance coverage & enter insurance information to waive this fee. You will receive an email after confirmation stating if your waiver request is approved or denied. Be sure to read your confirmation email from UHC to make sure you “waived” coverage and did not “enroll”. The charge/credit could take up to one business day to be reflected on your student account.

Part 3: View/Pay Your Bill


Go to the Billing menu in UCANWEB and select ‘Cashnet Billing Portal’ to view your bill.

  • Select most current pdf bill in the ‘Your Semester Statements’ box
  • Review for accuracy
  • Make payment in the ‘Your Account’ box or set up a payment plan in the ‘Installment Payment Plans’ box

You may pay online, by phone, or send a check/money order in U.S. Funds payable to ‘SUNY Canton’.

Part 4: Confirm Your Bill Has Been Processed

WATCH YOUR EMAIL! We will notify you of issues that are delaying the processing of your bill.

You will receive an email receipt once your bill has been processed. Your receipt is the confirmation that you are officially registered for the semester. Parking tags can be picked up at University Police the weekend before classes begin.

If you will not be returning to SUNY Canton, please notify the Registrar as soon as possible in writing by fax (315) 379-3819 or email registrar@canton.edu from your SUNY Canton email account. Please be sure to include your SUNY Canton ID number and the term you will not be attending.

* Submitting online materials without payment or payment arrangement does NOT guarantee you will retain your pre-scheduled courses or room assignment.

Listed above is the overall process to complete your billing requirements online. If you’re unfamiliar with this process or have questions, you will find the following information helpful when attempting to complete the required online forms.

Note: You can continue making changes on these forms until you choose to submit the information. Once submitted, any changes or additions can only be made by the Student Service Center (315-386-7616)

Required Billing Forms:

The Choose Bill Options & Confirm Enrollment form:

  • Enrollment: Confirm if you will or will not enroll for this coming term and if you will be part-time or full-time.
  • Graduation: Indicate if you plan to graduate at the end of the semester.
  • Roo Express: Confirm you would like a deposit made to your Roo Express account.
  • Parking Fee: Enter your license plate number or decline on-campus parking.
  • Confirm if you will be a Residential or Commuting Student

The Authorize Use of Financial Aid form:

  • Choose the appropriate options which allows federal aid to pay for health insurance, parking and Roo Express charges and/or pay a prior balance. All students with federal financial aid, including loans, must complete this form.

Payment Options:

  • PAPER CHECK: Make check payable to 'SUNY Canton'. Be sure to include the student's Banner ID on the check. Mail in to the Student Service Center (34 Cornell Drive, Canton, NY 13617).
  • UCANWEB: Pay by credit card or electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account online through UCanWeb.
  • ONLINE: Pay by credit card or electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account online in Cashnet Billing Portal.
  • PAYMENT PLAN: SUNY Canton has partnered with CASHNet; this plan allows you to pay the balance of your bill over a four-month period for the semester, depending on when the plan is set-up. The enrollment fee is $35/semester. Students can enroll through UCanWeb. For questions about the payment plan, contact a representative at 877-821-0625.

Housing and Meal Plan Options:

If students have questions or concerns regarding the housing reflected on their statements (or ahead of their statement being due) they should contact the Residence Life Office at (315) 386-7513 or reslife@canton.edu for more information regarding their housing.

Students may also visit Residence Life’s page on our website to review housing information at Office of Residence Life.

Meal Plans:
As a residential campus, the College requires that all students living in a residence hall participate in a meal plan. If you have questions or concerns pertaining to the meal plan you are seeing, or in regard to meal plans in general you may view Meal Plan Information or by contacting the College Association at (315) 386-7624 or caoffice@canton.edu.

Explanation of Charges (per semester)

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