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Benefits for Military & Veteran Students

There are a variety of benefits available for members of the military and their families.

The first step is to obtain the required applications and submit them:

Additionally, SUNY Canton will waive a number of fees for veteran students:

Eligibility for military benefits will be certified by the Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator, Patrick Massaro. In order to be certified, please submit a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, copy 4 of your DD214, and the Certification Request Form

Types of Veterans Benefits received at SUNY Canton

This is a list of the most common military benefits received by SUNY Canton students:

  • Chapter 33, Post 9/11 GI Bill
    Generally this bill provides 36 months of education benefits following the release from active duty.
    1. Tuition & Fees paid directly to SUNY Canton (Based on percentage of eligibility)
    2. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is paid directly to the student (if applicable).  Check the amount you are eligible to receive from the Department of Defense.
    3. Up to $1,000 for books and supplies paid based on enrollment.
    4. These benefits may be transferable to other family members

The application process is available at the VONAPP website.

  • Chapter 30, Montgomery GI Bill

Generally this bill provides 36 months of education benefits following the release from active duty (10 years).

The application process is available at the VONAPP website. For questions on this program, visit the GI BILL website or contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

  • New York State, Veterans Tuition Award (VTA)

This program is a duplicative benefit if you receive 100% benefits under Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill). Students may not receive both awards.

    1. Awarded to veterans admitted into a degree program.
    2. Students must apply for this award each year.
    3. Payable up to 98% of tuition for veterans enrolled in more than 3 credit hours.
    4. In combination with the NYS TAP Grant, the amount awarded may not exceed the total charge for tuition. If this occurs the NYS TAP Grant will be reduced.
    5. Available for up to eight semesters of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent).

For more information on who is considered an eligible veteran check the NYS HESC webpage on the VTA. Further questions can be directed to the NYS HESC Scholarship Unite at 1-888-697-4372.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation (VOC REHAB)
    This program is designed specifically to help veterans with service-connected disabilities. More information on eligibility can be found online from the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Program.

Information on the Web regarding Military Benefits

Further information on the application processes and benefits available to military families can be found online at:



SUNY Canton:
For Admissions and Life Experience Credit:
Admissions Office

Veterans Association
William Barnes, barnesw@canton.edu

Financial Aid/Student Service Center
315-386-7616, finaid@canton.edu

Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator
315-386-7073, massarop@canton.edu

For Federal Benefits:
US Department of Veterans Affairs

For New York State Benefits:
New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs

Higher Education Services Corp (HESC)

For St Lawrence County Assistance:
St Lawrence Local Veterans Benefit Assistance
Veterans Service Department
Canton Human Services Building
80 State Highway 310, Suite 5
Canton, NY 13617-1495

How to Receive your Financial Aid and Benefits

This is the process flow after your applications have been received and processed:

  1. The Student Service Center will send you a financial aid award letter listing all of the financial aid we have determined you are eligible for (after you have been admitted). Included in the packet will be information on the costs and awards for an academic year at SUNY Canton. Not all military benefits will be listed as part of your financial aid package. A revised notice will be sent as additional benefits are added.

  2. Contact the One-Hop Shop Student Service Center to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor if you wish to discuss options for a special circumstance review. You are required to report prior year income on your aid application and if your income has decreased we may be able to offer you additional financial assistance.

  3. Contact the Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator to make an appointment to be certified for your military benefits. Be sure to bring in a copy of your DD214.

  4. Log in to your UCanWeb account and accept or decline the financial aid awards you have been offered.  Your log in information was mailed to you in your Admissions Packet.

  5. We will notify you if additional documentation is required. New requirements may be added throughout the year for any awards you have accepted.  For example, new student loan borrowers must complete a promissory note and entrance counseling.

  6. A billing notice will be sent to you each semester (June for fall semester, November for spring semester). You must process your bill before you are considered officially registered for the semester, even if the balance due is covered by your benefits.

  7. After classes begin (about 4 weeks), we will begin to receive the funds for your awards and refund any amount that exceeds your total billed charges.

Continue to watch your email for updates and monitor your account online through your UCanWeb account.

If at any time you have questions on the applications or the process, feel free to contact the Military & Veteran Student Services Coordinator.

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