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Financial Aid for Winterterm

It may be possible for some students to receive financial aid for Winterterm. A student must meet the following basic requirements to be eligible to help cover Winterterm costs:

  • Be matriculated in a degree program at SUNY Canton for Fall and Spring semesters (unless graduating after Winterterm).
  • Courses MUST be applicable to your current degree program.
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of the Fall semester.
  • Be prescheduled/enrolled for the Spring semester (unless graduating after Winterterm).

Full details of eligibility can be found in the Winter Financial Aid Policies and Procedures. It is important to note that if a student is already receiving their full federal grant and loan eligibility for the academic year, then there may be no additional eligibility available for the winterterm. 

To apply for Winterterm financial assistance:

  1. Schedule your Winterterm course(s) in UCANWEB. Your academic advisor will assign you a winter registration code.
  2. Financial Aid Staff will automatically review your record for additional aid eligibility.
  3. Complete the Winterterm billing forms in UCANWEB. Review the Winter billing instructions for details.
  4. Complete the Spring semester billing forms in UCANWEB.
  5. Be sure to watch your SUNY Canton email for updates! Your winter registration will NOT be official until your bill has been paid and/or covered by financial aid.

Further information on what coursework is available and steps for non-degree students can be found on the Winterterm website.

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