Billing Instructions

Bills are generated on UCanWeb each semester, approximately 30 days before the due date. Students will receive an email reminder at their SUNY Canton email address and another by postcard. See the detailed billing instructions for each semester for a breakdown of the billed charges and the steps to complete in the online billing.

After reviewing the bill, payment arrangements must be made to pay any remaining balance due. Failure to complete the entire billing process, before the due date, can result in a late fee being assessed and being dropped from classes. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Service Center if they have difficulty meeting the deadline for assistance. Below is a powerpoint to help guide you through the required online process.

View the Billing Instructions

Once all online forms have been completed the bill will be reviewed by a staff member in the Student Service Center. You will not be officially registered for classes until the bill is processed. There are a number of reasons that processing of a bill can be delayed including non-payment. It is important to monitor your SUNY Canton email account for notifications. An email confirmation will be sent once your bill has been completely processed.

What issues can hold up the processing of your bill?

  • Have you completed scheduling for semester courses?
  • Did you complete the housing application or apply for a release?
  • Have you completed all missing financial aid requirements?
  • Did you resolve any holds on your student account?
  • Have you paid any past-due balance on your student account?
  • Did you submit any missing academic transcripts?
  • Do you have a balance due on your bill?

Additional Notes

Financial Aid Deferments

Certified financial aid may appear on the bill to assist you in determining your balance due. Although the actual funds have not yet been received, SUNY Canton assumes you will follow the appropriate financial aid procedures to have this aid credited to your account. Failure to complete the financial aid process will result in the cancellation of the anticipated financial aid. If you have applied for financial aid that does not appear as a credit on your bill, contact the Student Service Center to check the status and/or inquire about a deferment prior to the bill due date.

Hold Policy

Untimely payment of outstanding student account balances may result in a hold being placed on a student's account and the subsequent withholding of enrollment, grades, diplomas and class selection. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Service Center to discuss any special circumstances surrounding an outstanding account. Balances remaining at the end of the semester are subject to referral to the New York State Attorney General or a collection agency.

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