Summer Aid Application - Summer 2024

Please read the following regarding eligibility and your responsibilities when receiving summer aid:

  • To receive federal student aid for the summer students must complete the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) listing SUNY Canton (00285500) as a recipient.
  • Should your FAFSA be selected for “verification”, all verification requirements must be completed prior to summer aid being awarded. Requirements are found on your UCanWeb account.
  • Applications are reviewed both by the date the Financial Aid Office receives your application and by the date you begin summer enrollment.
  • Summer aid eligibility is based only on the sessions in which you are enrolled. Aid can not be awarded for periods of non-enrollment.
  • Summer aid eligibility is based on an actual cost of attendance for your enrolled sessions. If you have expenses that exceed your summer cost of attendance, please email to discuss your options.
  • You must accept/decline your summer financial aid award through UCanWeb. Failure to respond will result in your summer aid not being processed.
  • Federal loan funding is ONLY available to you if you are enrolled in six (6) or more credit hours. If you are initially registered for six (6) credits, but drop credits, you will no longer be eligible.
  • Disbursement for summer aid will begin July 1st – please plan accordingly.
  • Changes to your summer enrollment may affect your aid eligibility. Any changes to your enrollment after your summer aid has been awarded, may result in a delay in determining your summer awards based on your new enrollment.
  • As a SUNY Canton student you are eligible to enroll in classes at another SUNY institution. You must complete an application on the SUNY Cross-Registration Portal. You may be eligible for federal aid and will be notified before your class start date.
  • If participating in a Study Abroad program or Internship during the summer. All appropriate paperwork will need to be completed, prior to awarding summer financial aid.
  • Your Summer registration will NOT be official until your bill has been paid and/or covered by financial aid. Failure to make financial aid or payment arrangements by the summer bill due date will result in courses being dropped.
  • Federal summer aid is contingent upon making satisfactory progress towards degree completion, as required by Federal regulations. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP will be evaluated following the conclusion of the Spring semester. Federal aid will be rescinded for students not making sufficient progress. Notices are sent electronically. Students need to monitor their SUNY Canton email account for updates.

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