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Sports Management - Student Learning Outcomes


  1. Professional Competencies
    Students will be able to demonstrate adequate knowledge and competencies needed to be successful sports management professionals in a variety of settings.
  2. Application of Knowledge and Skill
    Students will be able to effectively apply knowledge and skills learned throughout the curriculum in real world settings.
  3. Critical Thinking
    Students will be able to apply critical thinking and reasoning skills as sport management professionals.
  4. Communication Skills
    Students will be able to capably communicate, orally and in writing, as a sports management professional within various sport settings.
  5. Leadership Application
    Students will be able to analyze situations and apply the principles of appropriate leadership skills and behaviors related to sport management and sport leadership responsibilities.
  6. Morals & Ethics in Sports Management
    Students will be able to analyze moral and ethical issues related to sport and  develop a personal philosophy regarding social responsibility and moral commitment in the sports management setting and as a sports management professional.


Sports Management
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