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Agribusiness Management - Program Description

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Agribusiness Management is designed for entering students that desire an academically rigorous curriculum that offers students an opportunity to intensely focus on agribusiness management and broaden their education through a significant component of liberal arts and sciences and other business courses. Students are introduced to the principles of accounting, finance, marketing, strategy, operations, human resources, economics, ethics, and communications. The program will provide students with the management skills needed to make effective decisions and develop markets for their products.

Agricultural businesses in the U.S. range from very small operations (those who are looking to add value to their product) to large enterprises with annual sales in the millions of dollars. Despite the size, all of these businesses compete in both local and international markets. These dynamic agriculture markets are both constant and evolutionary: constant because of the ongoing challenges of supplying adequate food and related products to the ever-growing diverse world population; evolutionary because of the new research and production techniques that test the abilities of the best managers.

To be successful in today’s marketplace, this generation of farm managers and owners need to spend more time making management decisions and developing both management skills and new markets than did the generations before them. (Kays, Edwards-Farm Management) Graduates may pursue graduate study or management positions with corporate agribusinesses that seek to employ Farm Appraisers, Agricultural Policy Analyst, Quality Controller to mention only a few growing areas of Agriculture employment.

Students in this Major:

  • Are educated in all of the functional managerial areas
  • Use cutting-edge case studies to hone analytical skills

Career Opportunities:

The employment opportunities cover a broad range, including major employers and also entrepreneurships. Graduates are working in:

  • technical sales representatives
  • food brokers
  • accountants
  • financial managers
  • market analysts
  • fruit and vegetable marketing representatives
  • sales managers
  • small animal health care distribution
  • international business specialists

Admission Requirements:

  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.
  • Students must be prepared to take ENGL 101 (Composition and the Spoken Word).
  • Transfer students must meet re-registration requirements to be considered for admission.


Semester I Credits

AGMT 100 Introduction to Agribusiness 3
BSAD 100 Introduction to Business 3
CITA 110 Intro. to Information Technology 3
ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
FYEP 101 First Year Experience 1
  Mathematics Elective (GER 1) 3-4

Semester II Credits

ACCT 101 Foundations of Financial Accounting 4
ECON 101 Macroeconomics (GER 3) 3
ECON 105 Survey of American Economic History 3
MATH 141 Statistics 3
  Natural Science (GER 2) 3-4

Semester III Credits

ACCT 102 Foundations of Managerial Accounting 3
ECON 103 Microeconomics 3
BSAD 203 Marketing 3
BSAD 215 Small Business Management 3
  Other World Civilization (GER 6) 3

Semester IV Credits

BSAD 201 Business Law I 3
FSMA 210 Introduction to Finance 3
  Humanities (GER 7) 3
  Foreign Language (GER 9) (Spanish recommended) 3
  General Elective 3

Semester V Credits

AGMT 305 Agricultural Policy 3
AGMT 320 Agricultural Markets and Price Analysis 3
BSAD 301 Principles of Management 3
BSAD 310 Human Resource Management 3
ECON 314 Managerial Economics 3

Semester VI Credits

AGMT 310 Agribusiness Management 3
AGMT 330 Farm Business Management 3
AGMT 385 Agriculture Law 3
BSAD 322 Advertising and Promotion 3
LEST 388 Environmental Law 3

Semester VII Credits

BSAD 340 Management Communications 3
BSAD 345 Technological Innovations & Entrepreneurship 3
  Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3

Semester VIII Credits

AGMT 410 Internship AND/OR
U/L Program Elective(s)
AGMT 450 Capstone in Agribusiness Management 3

* Fulfills writing intensive requirement.

U/L = Upper Level Courses (300/400)
GER = General Education Requirement

Upper Level Program Electives: ACCT, BSAD, ECON, FSMA, LEST

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William Myers
Associate Professor
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