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Veterinary Technology - Program Description

The Bachelors of Science degree program in veterinary technology provides an advanced educational opportunity to students interested in pursuing careers in the veterinary health care field. The program includes specific course work required in our veterinary technology AAS program and adds upper division offerings in the sciences and applied electives to obtain the distribution hours required of a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Graduates of this program have the opportunity to become veterinary technicians coupled with the career flexibility that a bachelor’s degree provides.

Students In This Major:

  • Work with companion animals, farm animals and common laboratory animals.
  • Receive advanced technical training above core requirements of a graduate veterinary technician.
  • Will be eligible to take the Veterinary Technician Licensing Examination (VTNE).
  • Will be eligible to pursue a post graduate degree (MS, PhD, DVM).

Admission Requirements:

Admission is selective and is based on academic credentials. To be considered for admission, a student must possess the following:

  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.
  • Admission is selective and is based on academic credentials and rubric score.
  • A cumulative high school average of 75 or better
  • Biology Regents exam with 75 or better
  • Chemistry Regents exam with 65 or better
  • Two high school Regents math courses with a grade of 75 or better on the second NYS Regents mathematics examination.
  • Equivalent college level course work: Intermediate Algebra,  Introduction to Biology and Introduction to Chemistry all with a final grade of C or higher and an overall GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Non New York high school graduate transcripts will be evaluated by the admissions staff for leveling purposes.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a personal statement of 300 words or less detailing their related experience and their reasons for applying to the veterinary technology program.
  • Technical Standards Required for Admission to Veterinary Technology
  • Pre-exposure rabies vaccination is required of all students. This is administered in a series of three vaccinations and must be completed prior entering the first 120 hr mandatory preceptorship (VSCT 201).
  • Rabies Letter


Semester I Credits

BIOL 150 College Biology I (GER 2) 4
CHEM 150 College Chemistry I (GER 2) 4
ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
VSCT 101 Fundamental Veterinary Nursing I 2
VSCT 103 Intro to Animal Agriculture 2
FYEP 101 First Year Experience 1

Semester II Credits

BIOL 155 College Biology II 4
CHEM 155 College Chemistry II 4
VSCT 104 Veterinary Office Practices 1
VSCT 114 Animal Anatomy & Physiology 3
VSCT 115 Fundamental Veterinary Nursing Skills II 2
  Liberal Arts - Humanities (GER 4,5,6,7,8,9) 3

Semester III Credits

BIOL 209 Microbiology 4
VSCT 206 Anesthetic Principles 3
VSCT 207 Health & Disease of Farm Animals 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (GER 4,5,6,7,8,9) 3
  Math Elective** (GER 1) 3

Semester IV Credits

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (GER 3) 3
VSCT 112 Veterinary Clinical Pathology I 3
VSCT 201 Veterinary Technology Preceptorship I 1
VSCT 212 Research Animal Techniques 1
VSCT 213 Practical Nutrition 2
  U/L Program Elective 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (GER 4,5,6,7,8,9) 3

Semester V Credits

VSCT 202 Veterinary Clinical Pathology II 3
VSCT 203 Small Animal Medicine & Therapeutic Techniques 3
VSCT 204 Large Animal Medicine & Therapeutic Techniques 2
VSCT 205 Radiographic Techniques 2
VSCT 209 Veterinary Technology Preceptorship II 1
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3

Semester VI Credits

VSCT 210 Veterinary Microbiology 3
VSCT 211 Animal Hospital Practices & Procedures* 3
VSCT 214 Veterinary Pharmacology 2
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3

Semester VII Credits

  U/L BIO or CHEM 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3

Semester VIII Credits

  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3


* Fulfills writing intensive requirement.

** Math elective: MATH 111, 121, 122, 141 or another appropriate math course by advisement

*** Students in the Veterinary Technology, BS program are required to earn a C or better in all VSCT courses taken for credit in the program. All students must receive a grade of C or higher in the course VSCT 101. Students who fail to do this will not be allowed to continue in the program. These students will then have to change their major and re-apply to the program the following year. Readmission to the program is selective and not guaranteed. The course may be taken for a third time, but not until a period of 5 years has elapsed.

*** Of the courses with the VSCT prefix, any course may only be repeated one time.

*** The NYS Education Department Office of the Professions requires persons applying for licensure to answer questions related to a conviction or a crime or professional misconduct.

U/L = Upper Level Courses (300/400)
GER = General Education Requirement

U/L Program Electives: Any U/L course with the prefix of: VSAD, VSCT, BIOL, or CHEM; as well as: BSAD 319 Professional Ethics, HSMB 301 Public Health Issues, HSMB 303 Occupational Health and Safety, or SSCI 370 Research Methods in the Social & Health Sciences.

NOTE: Veterinary Technology students must take seven out of ten General Education Requirements including one and ten, 30 total General Education credits.


*** Students must complete SUNY Canton’s VSCT 211 and at least 9 other hours of graded course work with a VSCT prefix in order to meet the program’s residency requirement. The course may be taken for a third time, but not until a period of 5 years has elapsed.

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