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Early Childhood Care and Management - Program Description

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Early Childhood Care and Management combines theory and practice for students seeking careers in the childcare field; working specifically with children from infancy – 5 years of age. The degree program prepares students for work in childcare centers; private preschool, nursery, and university early childhood lab schools, family childcare settings, Head Start and government-sponsored programs, and various early childhood based businesses and organizations within the early childhood and childcare industry.

A student works with a toddler on reading activities

The program will assist students with defining their role in the field as professionals. The degree will offer course content related to child development, individual and program assessment, family relationships, curriculum planning, primary teaching methods, quality caregiving, program administration, and leadership. It will provide a combination of educational foundation, theory, professional reflective practice, and direct application of these skills. Early Childhood upper-level program electives will offer subject matter relevant to the professional development and growth of the early childhood educator and early childhood director. Additional courses will provide a strong business-focused foundation. Additional courses will include content related to organizational leadership, human resources and fiscal management, small business management and ownership, and leadership.

Career Opportunities:

The employment opportunities cover a broad range, including major employers and also entrepreneurships. Graduates are working in:

  • Child Care Center Owner
  • Child Care Center Director [private, corporate, college lab-based]
  • Child Care Center Assistant Director
  • Child Care Center Lead Teacher
  • Self Employed Family Child Care Center Provider
  • Early Childhood Resource and Referral Agencies
  • Early Childhood Trainer or Consultant
  • Head Start Program Administration
  • Children’s Museum Educator / Trainer

Admission Requirements:

  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.
  • Transfer students must meet re-registration requirements to be considered for admission.


Semester I Credits

ECHD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood 3
ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (GER 3) 3
FYEP 101 First Year Experience 1
  History Elective (GER 4,5,6) 3
  Science Elective w/lab (GER 2)** 3-4

Semester II Credits

BSAD 100 Introduction to Business 3
ECHD 121 Wellness in Young Children 3
ECHD 131 Infants and Toddlers 3
PSYC 220 Child Development 3
  Math Elective (GER 1) 3-4

Semester III Credits

ECHD 105 Student Teaching Orientation 1
ECHD 125 Curriculum Development 3
ECHD 250 Children with Special Needs 3
ECHD 285 Issues & Policies in Early Care & Education* 3
  Arts Elective or Foreign Language (GER 8 or 9) 3-4
  General Elective 3

Semester IV Credits

ACCT 101 Foundations of Financial Accounting 4
BSAD 203 Marketing 3
ECHD 201 Student Teaching Experience I w/ Seminar 4
ECHD 204 Early Childhood Observation 3
  Humanities Elective (GER 7) 3

Semester V Credits

ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BSAD 215 Small Business Management 3
ECHD 340 Policies and Regulations in EC Settings 3
ECHD 404 Positive Child Guidance 3
  General Elective 3

Semester VI Credits

BSAD 310 Human Resource Management 3
BSAD 319 Professional Ethics 3
ECHD 301 Fostering Relationships in EC Programs 3
ECHD 401 DAP: Learning Environments Infant-5 3
  U/L Program Elective 3

Semester VII Credits

BSAD 340 Management Communications 3
ECHD 409 Orientation to Culminating Experience 1
ECHD 420 EC Program Dev. & Management 3
  U/L Program Elective 3
  U/L Elective 3
  U/L Elective 3

Semester VIII Credits

ECHD 410 Internship AND/OR
U/L Program Elective(s)
ECHD 411 Capstone Project 3

* Fulfills writing intensive requirement.

U/L = Upper Level Courses (300/400)
GER = General Education Requirement

U/L Program Electives

ECHD 302:  Multi-Cultural EC Curriculum
ECHD 303:  Physical Activity: Indoors & Out
ECHD 304:  STEM in the Early Years
ECHD 402:  Early Literacy & Language Dev.
ECHD 403:  Family Child Care Development & Management
ECHD 405: Mentor: Teacher as Trainer

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Dr. Maureen Powers-Maiocco