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Mechatronics Technology - Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary program which embraces the necessary skills of traditional programs of mechanical, electrical, computer, and controls engineering. The base knowledge is then applied to integrating mechanical, electrical, software, and controls into practice through applied problem solutions before graduation.

Students in this Major

  • Will be able to apply mathematics, science, and engineering principles
  • Will be able to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data
  • Will be able to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs
  • Will be able to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems
  • Will be able to function on multidisciplinary teams, professional and ethically communicate
  • Will be able to react to the impacts of engineering solutions in a global and societal context

Admission Requirements

  • Incoming students will meet all general admissions requirements as freshmen to SUNY Canton. Additionally; students must be qualified to enter Calculus I (MATH 161) and have completed the NYS Chemistry Regents Exam with 65 or above.
  • Transfer students should meet the SUNY Transfer Path for Engineering: Mechanical. Also, transfer students should satisfy 5 of the 10 SUNY GER areas. Transfer students will be required to have a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  • Refer to the table of high school course prerequisites for admission.


Semester I Credits

CHEM 150 College Chem I & Lab 4
ENGL 101 Composition and the Spoken Word (GER 10) 3
ENGS 101 Introduction to Engineering 2
MATH 161 Calculus I (GER 1) 4
PHYS 131 University Physics I 3
PHYS 135 University Physics I Lab 1

Semester II Credits

MATH 162 Calculus II 3
MECH 112 3D Modeling 4
PHYS 132 University Physics II (GER 2) 3
PHYS 136 University Physics II Lab 1
  GER Elective (3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9)1 3
  GER Elective (3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9)1 3

Semester III Credits

CITA 152 Computer Logic 3
ENGS 201 Statics 4
MATH 263 Calculus III 3
  Liberal Arts Elective 3
  GER Elective (3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9)1 3

Semester IV Credits

CITA 180 Intro to Programming 4
ECON 103 Principles of Economics 3
ENGS 203 Engineering Strength of Materials 3
ENGS 263 Electric Circuits 3
ENGS 264 Circuit Lab 1
MATH 364 Differential Equations 3

Semester V Credits

ELEC 141 Fluid Mechanics 3
ENGS 102 Programming for Engineers 3
ENGS 202 Dynamics 1
MKTX 320 Mechatronics Lab I 4
  Liberal Arts Elective 3

Semester VI Credits

ELEC 165/166 Digital Fundamentals and System Lab 4
ENGS 350 Mechanical Design 3
MKTX 310 Instrumentation & Controls 3
MKTX 370 Mechatronics Laboratory II 1
  U/L Liberal Arts Elective 3

Semester VII Credits

ENGS 314 Fluid Mechanics I 3
MKTX 325 Microcontrollers 3
MKTX 410 Robotics Analysis & Synthesis 3
MKTX 477 Capstone I 2
SOET 361 Project Management 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (U/L) 3

Semester VIII Credits

MKTX 478 Capstone Project 2
  Program Elective (U/L)2 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (U/L) 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (U/L) 3
  Liberal Arts Elective (U/L) 3

1 Must complete 7 of 10 GERS and 30 credits

2 Program electives are upper level from all ACHP, AREA, CITA, CONS, ELEC, MATH, PHYS, MECH, SOET course listing. Program electives are selected by advisement based on student interest and career goals.

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Mechatronics Technology
Dr. Lucas Craig
Associate Professor
Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology and Energy Systems
Chair of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee (TLTC)

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